Licensing & Ordaining  Men & Women
Called Of God  To Reach The World 
For Jesus Christ
CW  & Sharon Slaton, Founders
Diane Earp, President
Phone: 319 721 9001 

PO Box 286, Walford, IA 52337
Fountain Ministries Beginnings

Fountain Ministries’ beginnings
…Walking down some of my favorite streets of Nashville one October day in 2004, my heart once again, was being torn between my love for Nashville and the love of my congregation in Cedar Rapids, IA, a battle that had befriended me for much of my life. But this time in the midst of my own mental debate, God’s voice spoke to my heart saying, “Go build The Fountain”.
God began showing me that there were many He had called to His work, who have been hurt and shunned by the Body of Christ. He showed me there are men, women, boys and girls that have been called to the ministry that need training in the old Pentecostal ways of camp-meetings and storefront churches.
I was amazed when I found just how many have never experienced the ways of our early believers like Smith Wigglesworth, A.A Allen and so many others.
So in November of 2005, The Fountain Ministries became a reality. Since that time, we have ordained/licensed ministers across the United States.  CW Slaton​​​

20/20 Vision In 2020
During the 2020 year CW & Sharon Slaton will be setting up meetings in churches across the country with the message of 20/20 Vision in 2020. 
If you would like to set up a metting  in your church or in your ccommunity, please contact  the ministry at 319 721 9001 (Diane), and we will get the date set.. 
Becoming Nothing To Become What God Has Called You To Be
Jan 2016
Pastor CW Slaton
Fear & Anxiety
Pastor CW Slaton